Information Driven Operations

The Manufacturing Industry is the biggest sector affected by IT in the recent times. More than ever factories now need to be digitised to enhance the efficiency of their operations and survive in this global economy with always fluctuating markets.

Not only is it necessary to optimize all the operations within a industrial setup but it is also imperative that you are ready to address your business IT demands and exploit the opportunities available in the market by employing latest IT tools and digitizing all processes.

So, if you are exploring ways to use technology in your industry to better manage, reorganize, optimize and fasten up the delivery times then you need an active, experienced & capable IT partner.

We are a two times National Award (Government of India) winning company and have extensive experience of driving operations with IT. We are specialists in all technological areas and can play a big role in automation of your industry.


Our Services

  1. SAKSHAM ERP for Manufacturing Industries: ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems were developed and have been evolved out of legacy manufacturing systems like MRP, MRP II, MIS etc. Almost all ERP systems incorporate manufacturing module featuring resource & capacity planning. SAKSHAM ERP is no exception to it and is capable of handling all the 5 M's of your organization viz. Man, Machine, Material, Money & Markets, in simple unified way. Our methodology is simple yet powerful and add value to your current processes.

  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): We offer customized CRM solutions to suit your specific industry requirements and enhance your value offerings

  3. Turnkey IT Project Consultancy: We provide turnkey solutions for all your IT needs from concept to commissioning and beyond.

  4. Development of IT strategy, blueprint & architecture.

  5. IT Security Consultancy
  6. Database Administration & 24X7 Server Room Management

  7. Facility management Services (FMS)
  8. Assisting in digital vertical & horizontal integration of all operations

  9. IT Infrastructure Management

  10. Optimised IT operations

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